Can we help your organization raise money?

Dracut Rotary Club recently extended its successful “Clam Bake For 10 People” annual fundraiser to other organizations, such as yours. We will donate $3 to your organization for every $5 Clam Bake ticket you sell. There is nothing else required of you. We do the rest!

For more than 10 years, Dracut Rotary has held this raffle. The winner and 9 invited guests receive an old fashioned, Down-East Clam Bake which includes steamers, lobsters, barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, seafood chowder and much more. We have never had an unhappy winner!

The Clam Bake is served by Dracut Rotary Club members at any location, within reason, on a mutually convenient date of the winner’s choice. We do everything from setup, to cooking, to serving, to cleanup! We do it all and we are fully insured.
All your organization needs to do is sell a $5 ticket and receive a $3 donation for each ticket you sell! You do nothing else. The remaining $2 proceeds benefit Dracut Rotary Club charities.

Several organizations took advantage of this unique offer last year and received thousands of dollars from Dracut Rotary Club in return. We now want to extend this opportunity to you!

The economic struggle that we have all been going through recently has hurt fund raising activities for all organizations everywhere. This unique concept, which we are extending to you, offers all the positives that a fundraiser looks for, without the negatives:

  • low cost – for both the buyer and the seller!
  • up-front cost free – no out-of~pocket costs to your organization!
  • great return – your dollar investment is zero!
  • simple sell — it’s a $5 ticket!
  • a  great prize for the winner!
  • a win-win for everybody!

Please let us know if your organization is interested. We will provide you, free of charge, as many tickets as you think your organization would need. You are only responsible for the tickets you sell, regardless of how many tickets you initially take.

For more information, you may contact any member of Dracut Rotary Club, or Club member Jim Buxton directly.