Gingerbread Competition Kicks Off Dracut Holiday Season

It was all smiles as Dracut kicked off the holiday season with Dracut Rotary Club’s Annual Gingerbread Competition on Saturday, December 4th. Harmony Hall was again decked out with festive lights, holiday decorations and dozens of gingerbread creations. The gingerbread houses were all donated by area residents.

Visitors got to choose their favorites and take a chance on winning one, with all proceeds from the event donated to the Dracut Food Pantry. At 6:00 pm the festivities moved outside for the annual town tree lighting ceremony. Then the votes were counted and the winners of the competition were announced. 

Club members were happy to be able to hold the competition after last year’s was canceled due to the pandemic, and the community was thrilled to see the event return.Santa was too. He was on hand to greet visitors and thank the Club for their efforts.

There were four categories of entries, with winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. All winners are chosen by visitors to the event. 

Children’s Category:  1st place- Gail, Dimitri, Alyson and Kate Asiki;
2nd place-Violet Kenney; 3rd place – Kelsey and Adeline Bergeron

Young Adult’s Category:  1st place- Skylar and Allysa Bergeron;
2nd place- Girl Scout Troop 62704 and their leader Grace Moran;
3rd place- London, Grace and Corban Webster and Becca Adams

Adult Category:  1st place- John Cole; 2nd place- Christine Cole;3rd place- LeeAnn Holmes

Professional Category:  1st place- Colette Turgeon; 2nd place- Sugar Coated Bakery

Rotary Club Category:  1st place- LouAnn and Jim Jendro; 2nd Place- Kathy Boyd

1st Place in the Children’s Category

Children’s 2nd Place

Children’s 3rd Place winner


1st Place in Young Adult category

Young Adult 2nd Place

3rd Place Young Adult


1st Place in Adult Category

Adult Category 2nd Place

3rd Place Adult Category




1st Place Professional

Professional Category 2nd Place


1st Place Rotary Entry

2nd Place Rotary Entry

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