DG Visits Club via Zoom

District Governor Diana Nestorova visits DRC via Zoom.

Members gave District Governor Diana Nestorova a warm welcome as she visited DRC via Zoom at their weekly meeting on Tuesday, August 25th. Diana came with well wishes and words of encouragement as she addressed the challenges of Rotary in the midst of the worldwide pandemic.

DG Diana brought the message of RI President, Holger Knaack, Rotary Opens Opportunities, encouraging members to find ways to grow Rotary during this time of global crisis. She called on DRC to make it part of the club’s vision in 2020-2021 to bring new, young members into our club. Diana said that this time of crisis is the perfect time to open the door of DRC to those who are looking for a way to serve others.

“This is the time for change,” said Diana. She called on DRC to be open to new new meeting time and formats. She encouraged us to consider Rotaract as a way to bring younger members into Rotary for a membership that celebrates diversity. “As Paul Harris said, -Rotary has to be revolutionary from time to time-, and now is the time to be revolutionary,” Diana said.

Diana said young people are looking for service above self. “Young people are bright, energetic, and get things done! ” she said, calling on us to open the doors of Rotary for young members.

The RI theme for 2020-2021.

She pledged her help in making Rotary accessible to all who wish to be leaders for the future. Diana encouraged DRC to be proactive and look to this time of crisis as a time of opportunity.



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